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Becoming Elizabeth - Epsiode 2 - Elizabeth I’s #metoo moment is ruined

Becoming Elizabeth - Epsiode 2 - Elizabeth I’s #metoo moment is ruined

July 5, 2022

Trigger alert: Claire discusses the harassment and abuse experienced by Elizabeth I, as featured in the episode.

Historian and author Claire Ridgway is rather cross this week as she talks about a key storyline in this week's "Becoming Elizabeth" episode. Claire says. "I’m so angry, spitting mad actually. I feel that Becoming Elizabeth has taken the #MeToo movement, thrown it on the floor and stamped all over it. This was an opportunity to educate; instead, we’ve ended up with a trashy romance."

Find out exactly what Claire thought of the Elizabeth and Thomas Seymour storyline. Spoiler alert - she didn't think much of it!

Join Claire in her weekly chats and all the goodies on offer with the online event "Elizabeth I: The Life of Gloriana, the Virgin Queen" by registering at https://claireridgway.com/events/elizabeth-i-the-life-of-gloriana-the-virgin-queen-online-event-7-16-september-2022/

Do make sure you register in time for this week's chat. It takes place on Friday 24th June at 10pm UK/ 5pm New York time.

Becoming Elizabeth -  Episode 1 - Keep the Knife Bright - Fictions versus history

Becoming Elizabeth - Episode 1 - Keep the Knife Bright - Fictions versus history

July 4, 2022

In the first of these weekly videos on the Starz series "Becoming Elizabeth", historian and best-selling author Claire Ridgway discusses Episode 1 "Keep your knife bright".

Claire looks at the main scenes of this episode and explores just how close they were to the real history of the events of early 1547, just after the death of King Henry VIII.

  • What really happened in early 1547?
  • Was the timeline correct?
  • Was Catherine Parr really already involved with Thomas Seymour?
  • Did Edward Seymour dash off to Scotland?
  • And what about Thomas Seymour and the young Elizabeth I?
  • We know that Thomas's behaviour with Elizabeth caused a scandal, but were his advances welcome?

Claire explores these issues and will be going into even more detail this Friday, 17th June, in a live chatroom chat that's part of her online event "Elizabeth I: The Life of Gloriana, the Virgin Queen". These chats will be held weekly to discuss each episode. You can find out more about the event and how to register at https://claireridgway.com/events/elizabeth-i-the-life-of-gloriana-the-virgin-queen-online-event-7-16-september-2022/

The Fall of Anne Boleyn with Claire Ridgway 13-20 May 2022

The Fall of Anne Boleyn with Claire Ridgway 13-20 May 2022

April 20, 2022

Join historian Claire Ridgway, author of "The Fall of Anne Boleyn: A Countdown", for a completely online 8-day event exploring the dramatic events of spring 1536.


This event is completely online so you can join in from the comfort of your home. This event is for you if:
- You want to understand exactly what happened in the spring of 1536
- You want to understand how Anne went from being the woman Henry VIII broke with his beloved church to possess to being replaced by her maid of honour
- You want to know who was involved in Anne's fall, who was implicated and why, and how two men escaped with their lives
- You're interested in getting behind the fiction and myths
- You'd like to know what happened afterwards and what Anne Boleyn's legacy was
- You'd like to know if Jane Boleyn really brought down the Boleyns out of hatred and revenge
- You'd like to pay tribute to Anne Boleyn by spending 8 days immersed in her story and connecting with like-minded people!

Mary Boleyn - What do you want to know?

Mary Boleyn - What do you want to know?

February 3, 2022

Historian Claire Ridgway is doing a masterclass on Mary Boleyn on 12th February and would like your help in preparing it. Please leave a comment answering the following questions (as many as you want):
1. What you think of Mary Boleyn? Who is your Mary Boleyn?
2. What interests you about Mary?
3. What myths do you think surround Mary?
4. And, finally, what questions do you have about Mary that you want answered?
Thank you for your help.
The masterclass is a bonus for ticketholders of "Anne Boleyn, the Woman who Changed England" and you can sign up at https://claireridgway.com/events/anne-boleyn-the-woman-who-changed-england/ 

Was Thomas Boleyn on the jury at Anne Boleyn’s trial?

Was Thomas Boleyn on the jury at Anne Boleyn’s trial?

January 27, 2022

"How did Thomas Boleyn feel sitting in judgement on his children?" is a question that historian Claire Ridgway was asked recently, and it's one she's been asked before.

But did Thomas Boleyn even sit on the jury that tried Queen Anne Boleyn and her brother, George Boleyn, Lord Rochford?
Find out what history tells us about the jury in this talk from Claire.
Links to other videos on Thomas Boleyn:

Thomas and Elizabeth Boleyn - https://youtu.be/fvgbE1FaMYw

The Death of Thomas Boleyn - https://youtu.be/KhiuvNMUiyY
Who Killed Anne Boleyn - Bonus available until 31 December 2021

Who Killed Anne Boleyn - Bonus available until 31 December 2021

December 29, 2021
Get access to Claire's line masterclass on 15th January 2022, "Who killed Anne Boleyn?", by buying your ticket to "Anne Boleyn, the Woman who changed England" before the end of 31st December 2021 - see https://claireridgway.com/events/anne-boleyn-the-woman-who-changed-england/
"Anne Boleyn, the Woman who changed England" is a 7-day virtual conference. It's completely online and you'll be able to learn from 8 Anne Boleyn experts in talks and live Q&A sessions from the comfort of your own home.
I believe that it's only by looking at Anne Boleyn's background and her formative years, spent at two Renaissance courts, that we can truly understand her. By the end of the week (28 Feb to 6 March), you will have met a very new Anne and understand just why King Henry VIII changed the course of English history to be with her, and why they were such a powerful union.
It's a truly unique experience and I hope you can join me!
Go to https://claireridgway.com/events/anne-boleyn-the-woman-who-changed-england/ to find out more and to book your ticket right now.
Anne Boleyn Myths

Anne Boleyn Myths

December 19, 2021

In this third part of Claire Ridgway's talks on Anne Boleyn, we uncover a good number of strange stories which now surround Anne Boleyn. But what is actually true? Claire tells us more...

You can see this talk as a video here:


Anne Boleyn - Pawn or Predator

Anne Boleyn - Pawn or Predator

December 18, 2021

In this second of three live events with Claire Ridgway, Claire discusses whether Anne Boleyn was a woman who was manipulated by her parents into Henry VIII's arms, whether she was a ruthless predator who single-mindedly took herself all the way to the top, or whether she was neither of these!

Enjoy this talk with Claire Ridgway. You can see it as a video here:

What did Anne Boleyn Look Like?

What did Anne Boleyn Look Like?

December 17, 2021

In this talk, Claire Ridgway goes into detail about the various portraits and images of Queen Anne Boleyn that we have today. Claire then discusses what we really know about Anne Boleyn's apperance.

You can watch this podcast as a video here:

AMAZING TUDOR DISCOVERY - The discovery of Anne Boleyn‘s Falcon Badge

AMAZING TUDOR DISCOVERY - The discovery of Anne Boleyn‘s Falcon Badge

November 12, 2021

You may have seen the news about the discovery of a contemporary carving of Anne Boleyn's falcon badge and how Paul Fitzsimmons, an antiques dealer, bought it for £75 and how it's now worth £200,000. It's a wonderful find and the good news is that Paul isn't keeping it to himself, it's going on loan to Hampton Court Palace. Thank you, Paul, and thank you to Tracy Borman, Joint Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces.

In this podcast, historian Claire Ridgway interviews Sandra Vasoli and James Peacock, who both played key roles in the story of this carving. It is a fascinating story.
You can see this podcast as a video at the following link:
Paul's website is https://www.marhamchurchantiques.com/  and a big thank you to him for allowing us to use his photos of Anne Boleyn's falcon badge before and after its restoration. Photo credit: Paul Fitzsimmons,  Marhamchurch Antiques
You can find out more about the symbolism of Anne Boleyn's badge and the other parts of her heraldry in Claire's article at https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/anne-boleyns-badge/
Sandi is the author of two novels about Anne Boleyn - Struck with the Dart of Love and Truth Endures - and a non-fiction book Anne Boleyn's Letter from the Tower. Her website is https://sandravasoli.com/
James works at Hampton Court Palace and also runs the popular Queen Anne Boleyn Society on social media - https://www.facebook.com/anneboleynsocietyhttps://twitter.com/anneboleynsoc and https://www.instagram.com/anneboleynsociety/
Claire Ridgway
I'm a best-selling author and historian, and founder of the Tudor Society where I help Tudor history lovers worldwide to connect with experts so that they can learn real Tudor history, the fact behind the fiction.
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